Porltand Oregon Halloween Event


A Night Time Halloween Hunt

The Dates For This Event Have Not Yet Been Set

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The Amazing Race Meets Portland - Halloween Style!







In the Dark of Night, teams of 2 - 6 players dressed in costume will scour the city by car.  Staying within the posted boundary map, teams compete to hunt down locations, complete wild checkpoints and solve clues or puzzles to locate the finish.

Armed with just flashlights in hand, players venture out on foot in search of "Halloween items".

The Night Time Halloween Scavenger Hunt is so wild, even the finish line is a mystery. Once a team has completed all the tasks, they are further challenged with more clues that ultimately lead to the finish.

The night concludes with an awards ceremony/after party and team costume contest with the after party location being texted out mid hunt.

What You Will Need To Bring:

A digital camera- Team photos required at each stop.

$5 cash per person - To complete special task.

Internet connected device or have phone-a-friends standing by to google answers for you.

Each team will need to pre-register/ activate one cell phone in order to receive the text messages during the night.  Cell phone activation takes place during the online registration process.

It's like the Amazing Race for Halloween

PDX style!


Created for Adults

Children welcome - Think PG 13





First Place Team

Second Place Team

Third Place Team

Best Costume 1

Best Costume 2

Best Team Pic /Facebook

$500 Cash!

$100 Cash!

$  50 Cash!

$  50 Cash!

$  50 Cash!

$  50 Cash!


Costume contest and awards ceremony open to all players.

The costume contest will take place at the after party and will be judged by audience applause.

Best Team Photo contest: You can either email your pics to us along with a fun comment to be added or uploade them directly to our facebook page. Be sure to include your team name, add a crazy comment and once posted, get lots of likes. Judging will be determined by our staff and will take into count the crazy or fun comment you added. In case of a tie, staff will look to the most facebook likes to help determine a winner. Photos must be received by Dec 1 2013.



Start Time:

End Time:

Starting Location:

After Party:

To Be Announced

Kicks Off 7PM

Officially Ends 10PM


To Be Texted Out Mid Hunt


Learn more here with our Frequently Asked Questions

Additional details will be texted out at the beginning of the hunt.

The Hunt goes on in all weather conditions. 

No cancellations. No Refund.


This Event Benefits

Homeless School Children